Inspection Services


Lead, Asbestos and Air Quality

As a contractor, the presence (or absence) of lead paint or asbestos containing materials in a facility that you will be working at will determine the way you perform your work, the amount of your contract, and the amount of liability you’ll take on.   

As a homeowner, lead paint is not typically part of a home inspection like asbestos is, but it may be present in homes built prior to 1978 and likely present in pre-1960 homes. Before any remodeling or renovation projects begin It is important to have your home tested for the presence of lead and asbestos.

Real estate professionals have the privilege of guiding their clients through what is likely the largest financial transaction in most people’s lives. Discovering and ensuring that buyers (and sellers) understand the actual condition of the home or property they are interested in purchasing is at the core of representing  buyer and seller best interests. Help your clients ensure their decision is both a safe and financially smart decision.  Encourage your clients to have pre-1978 properties inspected.  

What about the air we breathe? Numerous health problems involve air contaminants that we can't see but could be causing mysterious health effects or aggravating conditions like allergies and asthma. Fortunately, we can do something about the hidden pollutants in homes and buildings.

Our certified and licensed staff provides state-wide comprehensive inspection services for contractors, homeowners, commercial property owners, and  commercial facilities throughout the Midwest.

Inspection Types

Lead Inspections

Residential and commercial environmental inspections, risk assessments, clearance testing, component testing, dust and soil analysis, mold testing

Asbestos Inspections

Residential and commercial comprehensive inspections, surveys, sampling, management, refurbishment and demolition inspections.

Air Quality Testing

Residential and commercial testing for biological, chemical and combustion type air pollutants, including  (but not limited to) mold, bacteria, dander, dust mites, formaldehyde, asbestos, radon, etc.