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Iowa Lead & Asbestos Safety provides more than training.


Our services include lead inspections/risk assessments, lead sampling, clearance testing, hazard screening, sampling and air monitoring. We also offer project management and consultation services for your lead abatement project.

Lead Inspection

A comprehensive analysis of the lead content of painted surfaces inside and outside of the home. The XRF is used to measure the lead content of all painted surfaces and then classifies the results as either positive or negative for lead-based paint. The painted surfaces are also classified as to the condition of the paint.  Clients who are going to perform extensive renovation work are highly encouraged to take advantage of this analysis. Results are obtained on-site and the report is usually available within 48 hours.

XRF Hazard Screening   

This evaluation is perfect for the residential home buyer who wants general information about the house as it pertains to lead-based paint and possible problem areas. This evaluation focuses on surfaces that could pose a threat of lead-based hazards if lead-based paint were on these surfaces. The surfaces that are measured with the XRF are friction and impact surfaces such as doors, door jambs, thresholds, baseboards, windows, painted floors.  Results with the XRF are immediately available, and the report is usually available within 48 hours.

Clearance Testing 

Clearance Testing is performed to make sure that the cleaning procedure after the renovation or abatement work was done correctly and to ensure that the work has been acceptably completed and the space is safe for reoccupation.  This type of testing also allows the contractor to establish that, as of a particular date and time, the space was in a lead safe condition.

Dust Sampling 

Post-renovation lead dust clearance testing to determines whether the work area has been sufficiently cleaned of lead dust after renovation and abatement activities.  Dust wipes are collected and sent for lab analysis to identify the presence of lead dust.

Air Sampling & Monitoring

Provides for an initial determination and concentration of the presence of lead, inclusive of ambient air sampling and employee sampling and on-going monitoring.

Lead Abatement Plans and Specifications Development

Plans and specifications provide a legal document to ensure contractor compliance for a cost effective and safe abatement project. When removal, encapsulation or enclosure is the appropriate response for lead containing materials, we can provide or consult with you on abatement plans and specifications, and review bidding information from abatement contractors. Abatement Management & Supervision

On-site observation and general oversight of abatement activities to ensure compliance with State, EPA, OSHA and DNR lead specifications and regulatory requirements.  This includes activities such as air sampling and monitoring, dust wipe sampling, and job site documentation.


Our services include asbestos surveys, inspections, remodeling and demolition inspections, sampling and air monitoring. We also offer project design and consultation services for your asbestos abatement project.

Asbestos Inspection

A comprehensive assessment of a structure to identify materials that may contain asbestos, sampling and lab analysis to determine the presence and type of asbestos.

Remodeling/Demolition Inspection and Sampling

A comprehensive inspection of an unoccupied structure to identify asbestos containing materials prior to any refurbishment or demolition activity.  This includes spaces such as wall and ceiling cavities that may contain hidden materials. Samples are taken and sent for lab analysis to determine the presence and type of asbestos.

Air Monitoring

Project Design