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U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), June 28, 2019

Administrator Andrew Wheeler, along with Housing and Urban Development Secretary Ben Carson, announced new, tighter standards for lead in dust on floors and window sills to protect children from the harmful effects of lead exposure.

Online Training FAQ's


Online Training For Lead Refresher Courses


How Does Online Training Work?

We will be using a Zoom meeting to teach your refresher class. This allows the instructor to see and hear you, and you can see and hear the instructor.

What is Zoom?

Zoom is a cloud-based video conferencing service you can use to virtually meet with others - either by video or audio-only or both, all while conducting live chats.

What is a Zoom meeting?

A "Zoom Meeting" simply refers to a meeting that's hosted using Zoom, and attendees can join the meeting in-person, via webcam or video conferencing camera, or via phone.

I‘m not good with computers, will I still be able to take the online training?

Yes. We send step by step directions that you can use to connect to the online training class.

Do I Have To Have a Zoom account to join the meeting?

No. A Zoom account isn't required to attend a meeting. Anyone can join a meeting using the Zoom mobile apps or desktop applications for Windows and Mac

How do I join a Zoom meeting?
You can join a meeting by clicking the meeting link or going to and entering in the meeting ID.  

Can I use my phone/tablet/Ipad for the training? 

Yes. There is a Zoom app you can download for free or you can join the meeting from a link that we will send to you with your class confirmation email.

Do I have to have a webcam to join on Zoom?
While you are not required to have a webcam to join a Zoom Meeting or Webinar, you will not be able to transmit video of yourself. You will continue to be able to listen and speak during the meeting, share your screen, and view the webcam video of other participants. 

How will I take my refresher test?

During your class we will send you an email with a link in it to take your test online when the class has ended.

Is there anything else required for online training?

Yes. You will need to submit an electronic picture of yourself to our office for your training certificate and licensing. Guidelines and requirements for the photo will be included in your class confirmation email.