Lead: Landlords


Homes and other buildings built before 1978 are likely to contain lead-based paint. Renovation, repair or painting work done in those facilities could release hazardous lead dust which can be harmful to you and your tenants.

Do you or your employees conduct renovation, repair, or painting activities in a pre-1978 residential building?     

If yes, then you must become a Lead Certified Firm and have at least one person who is licensed as a Lead Safe Renovator.  If no, then you must only use a lead certified firm who employs a lead safe renovator for your building maintenance, repair or painting activities that could disturb lead-based paint.  This includes BUT IS NOT LIMITED TO plumbers, electricians, painters, door and window installers, carpet installers.


Your pre-1978 rental property is subject to

 Iowa’s Pre-renovation Notification Rule, Iowa’s Lead-Safe Renovation Rule, and The Federal Real Estate Disclosure Rule. 

Rental Disclosure Info (pdf)