Chapter 70 – Update to Minor Repair and Maintenance

Effective 1/16/13, the minimum area for minor repair and maintenance activities of a PAINTED OR FINISHED DRYWALL OR PLASTER SURFACE PER ROOM has been increased from “Less than 1.0 square foot” to “Less than 6.0 square feet.”

  • This means lead safe work practices apply when any work performed on a painted or finished drywall or plaster surface exceeds a total, combined work space PER ROOM of 6.0 square feet or more (prior to this update, lead safe work practices applied to areas that totaled 1 square foot or more).
  • This change to 6 square feet only applies to painted or finished drywall or plaster surfaces (typically walls and ceilings)
  • This change does NOT apply to painted or finished wood surfaces.  Those surfaces remain at 1 square foot or more total combined work space per room.
  • IMPORTANT!  Regardless of square feet, you still need to use the pre-renovation notification booklets, and have your customer/client sign the appropriate disclosure form.

Press Release: CDC Accepts Advisory Committee Recommendation to Replace Level of Concern for Lead Poisoning with New Reference Value

Careful Contracts, Conversations Protect Remodelers Against RRP Liability

This article was published by Remodeling Magazine in April 2010, right before the RRP Rule (Lead Safe Renovator Rule in Iowa) went into effect.  This article provides suggestions for protecting yourself when working on pre-1978 homes.  Keep in mind that  Iowa law is stricter than the EPA law, so not all examples given are accurate as it pertains to Iowa.  Refer to:  IOWA SPECIFIC RULES TO BE AWARE OF

Childhood Lead Poisonings Increase in Iowa

This article from November 2009, details finding from the Iowa Department of Public Health of actual lead poisoning cases in Polk County.