About Iowa Lead Safety

At Iowa Lead Safety, we’re driven by one thing:  to help eliminate lead poisoning in Iowa’s children.

In many ways, Iowa is such a wonderfully safe place to raise children.  Yet, in one important safety measure, Iowa has a lot of work to do to make it even more safe.  Not many Iowans are aware that Iowa has four times the national average incidence of lead poisoning.

We focus our efforts to minimize the current risk and eventually eliminate lead poisoning in two ways:

  • training for contractors providing renovation and updating to pre-1978 homes and properties in Iowa and,
  • providing lead inspection services to home and property owners, contractors and businesses

Our experience as professional contractors serving the residential and commercial industries provides insight into the importance of appropriate work practices to ensuring property improvements are done not only correctly, but safely.


Iowa Lead Safety offers a complete curriculum of safety training courses for all lead disciplines and is accredited by the State of Iowa, Department of Public Health as an approved training provider for:

  • Lead Safe Renovator
  • Lead Abatement Contractor
  • Lead Abatement Worker
  • Reciprocal Lead Abatement Contractor
  • Lead Sampling Tech/Visual Risk Assessor
  • Lead Inspector/Risk Assessor

Our main office and primary training facility is located in Des Moines, IA.  Classes are offered on a daily basis at our facility as well as select dates throughout the State and are based on the State of Iowa required training material.

We are available to answer your questions, and register you or your company for classes by calling 515-331-1690 or (toll-free) 888-710-1315. Click here for class details.

Lead Inspection Services

If you own a home or property built prior to 1978, you may be at risk for high lead poisoning levels.

Iowa Lead Safety provides state-wide comprehensive inspection services, including full-service lead inspections, risk assessments, clearance testing, hazard screening and component testing.  Our XRF Analyzer, and related equipment allows for accurate inspections performed per HUD guidelines, as well as on-site dust and soil sampling analysis.

Take the first step toward one less thing to worry about – contact Iowa Lead Safety today to schedule your lead inspection. Click here to schedule your lead inspection or call 515-331-1690 or (toll-free) 888-710-1315.